Dependable transit for remote areas & customers, by road & rail.

Road / Rail Transportation

At Certus Global Logistics, we recognize the fundamental role that road and rail transport play in logistics worldwide. With a robust presence across Europe, we exert control over cargo movement, ensuring the efficient, smooth, and timely flow of goods.

Our commitment to logistics excellence goes hand in hand with our dedication to responsible practices. While we prioritize efficiency and reliability, we also emphasize eco-conscious solutions that align with our commitment to environmental responsibility. Trust us to navigate the road and rail networks of Europe and the UK, turning your logistical challenges into opportunities for success.


Sea transport optimizes supply chain & maximizes resources globally.

Sea Transportation

Certus Global offers expert sea transport solutions, seamlessly connecting your cargo to global markets. With a deep understanding of maritime logistics and customs regulations, we ensure safe and efficient deliveries across oceans. Trust us to navigate the seas and streamline your international trade operations.



Connecting banks & corporates around the globe for working capital & operational solution for Trade Finance products.

Trade Finance Services


  • Assisting in upas financing from global banks.
  • Letter of credit confirmation, lc structuring and checking.
  • Export lc documents preparation and negotiation.
  • Structuring b2b & bulk transaction.


  • Smooth execution of documentary credit transaction right from checking the draft LC as per the terms agreed between the parties.
  • Checking the workability of the transmitted LC to ensure performance under it.
  • Preparing the documents stipulated in the LC.
  • Coordinating with the shipping lines to fetch bill of lading timely and accurately.
  • Presenting the complying documents under the LC to the negotiating bank or confirming bank.
  • Proficient in the application of UCP & ISBP
  • Negotiating the documents with the bank to acquire the payment of the consignment value before its due from the issuing bank.
  • Discounting the bill value at a competitive tariff for the usance tenor of the LC to get the proceeds before the due date of payment from the issuing bank to support the working capital.
  • Providing financing on the UPAS LC at a competitive pricing primarily from the advising or the confirming bank to seek the early payment.
  • Providing confirmation to the LC issued from the risky countries to protect the interest of the exporter & enable them to expand their business with handsome profits.
  • Handling Bulk cargo consignment end to end with ease including laytime calculation.